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Sleep Apnea Treatment Near Me in NYC

Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence Has 3 Convenient Locations Near You in Astoria, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Get the Sleep That You Deserve Tonight! If You or Someone You Know Is Suffering From Sleep Apnea, It Is Time That You Visit the Best Sleep Specialist in NYC. Dr. Mayank Shukla and Staff Are Dedicated to Helping You Sleep Better Today.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Near Me in NYC - Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence

Are you or someone in your family suffering from sleep apnea? If so, you are not alone. Millions of individuals suffer from sleep apnea because it can affect all ages, from adults to children. The results of sleep apnea can be very distressing. That is where Dr. Mayank Shukla, M.D. and staff at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence can help. Our highly-trained sleep experts are up-to-date with the latest and most effective treatments for you and your family. What is sleep apnea? What are the risk factors of sleep apnea? What type of treatment could the doctor suggest?

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can be serious and even life threatening. It is characterized by repetitive pauses in your breathing. Throughout the night, a person with sleep apnea may find themselves awakening to a loud gasp or snort. This is because when an individual suffers from sleep apnea there are pauses in breathing while sleeping and can occur several times an hour and last for 10 seconds or longer. A person’s blood oxygen levels decrease and their brain awakens the individual. This leads to a very restless night’s sleep.

What are the risk factors of sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea can result in an increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. It can increase the risk of heart failure, and contribute to irregular heartbeats, and arrhythmias. Also, because of the lack of quality sleep, a person who suffers from sleep apnea increases their chance of having a driving incident. Work related accidents can significantly increase as well. Our highly-trained sleep specialists at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence realize just how dangerous sleep apnea can be. That is why they are dedicated to helping you to find the best treatment that addresses your specific kind of sleep apnea.

What type of treatment could the doctor suggest?

Depending on the type of sleep apnea that you suffer from the treatments may vary. One of the most common treatments available is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (CPAP). It is designed to help keep your airway open during sleep by using air pressure. Sleep apnea mouthpieces or mouth guards may be another treatment recommend by our sleep specialists. In rare cases, sleep apnea surgery may be recommended. If this is the case our highly-trained doctors will discuss the procedure that would be right for your form of sleep apnea.

Not to be overlooked is your daily routine. There are factors such as diet and exercise that can affect your sleep apnea. Together at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence our sleep specialists will take the time to discuss and develop a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with and that is right for you.

If you even suspect that you or someone you know, such as a family member, is suffering from sleep apnea don’t delay in calling Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence immediately. We have three convenient locations to serve you in the New York area. We have centers in Astoria, Manhattan and Brooklyn NY. You can stop suffering and stop watching your family suffer. Call or stop by to make an appointment today with the best sleep specialist in New York City. Don’t let sleep apnea disrupt your sleep for one more night!