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Pediatric Sleep Doctor NYC, Astoria & Brooklyn, NY - Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence

Children’s bodies are constantly developing.  For babies, children, and even teenagers, ensuring they achieve good sleep each and every night is the best possible way to set them up for success in school and in life. At Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence, our experienced pediatric sleep doctor Dr Mayank Shukla, MD can help your child by providing precise diagnosis and proven treatment plans that will help them fall asleep, stay asleep, and achieve better sleep.  Let us help your child be the best possible version of themselves by ensuring they sleep well each night.

Poor sleep in adults is often associated with lethargy and even irritability. For children, the impact can be much more significant. Children who don’t sleep well can have difficulty learning while at school and struggle to form solid relationships as socializing can be hard for them while sleep-deprived. Children who don’t sleep well every night can exhibit difficult behaviors, as well as developmental delays if their bodies are struggling for an extended period of time.  As part of your child’s daily routine, you need to help them sleep well. That is why Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence’s pediatric sleep specialists are here.  We provide all of the sleep services your child needs to sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to learn and grow each morning.

Because pediatric sleep disorders can have such a broad impact on your child’s life, it is important to see a qualified sleep specialist as soon as possible if you notice they are not sleeping well. Children who don’t sleep well can suffer weight abnormalities, social, academic, developmental, and behavioral difficulties, and their behaviors can negatively impact family dynamics or even the sleep of their siblings. Some of the most common sleep disorders affecting children include restless leg syndrome, delayed sleep phase syndrome, sleep apnea, and parasomnias. At Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence, we understand how important your child’s health is to you and our board-certified sleep doctor wants to help set your child up for successful sleep. We provide expert diagnostic and treatment services that can help your child overcome their sleep difficulties and lead a happier and more productive life.

For many children, behavior modification and positive reinforcement techniques can be an integral part of designing a sleep disorder treatment plan. It is important to set realistic and firm expectations regarding your child’s sleep schedule. We recommend using scheduled wake-up times and other techniques to ensure your child can develop a healthy sleep rhythm.  Depending on your child’s individual needs, our pediatric sleep doctor may recommend supplements or medications to treat their conditions, and for children with certain disorders, orthodontics or dental appliances, and CPAP machines may be necessary. No matter what your child’s condition consists of, our board-certified sleep specialists will help you better understand their sleep disorder and work with you to develop a treatment plan that will work for them.

If your child is struggling at school because of lack of sleep, or if you notice they wake often in the night, have a hard time falling asleep, or are snoring consistently, let the experts at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence in NYC help. Our experienced and dedicated pediatric sleep doctors can pinpoint the issues your child is experiencing and provide you with the high-quality treatment and support you need as a parent to help them sleep better every night. We operate 3 convenient locations in the NYC area and would love the opportunity to help your child achieve the great sleep they need and deserve to develop normally and function at their highest level. Call us today to schedule your child’s appointment.