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Does Your Child Experience Breathing Problems? Chronic Coughing? Sleep Apnea? For Over 15 Years, Pulmonologist and Top Dr. Shukla Has Been Offering Comprehensive Diagnostics and Effective Pediatric Pulmonology Services. Visit One of 3 Asthma Allergy Sleep Centers of Excellence to Help Your Child Breathe Easier and Improve Their Sleep.

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Many people can go their entire lives without ever seeing a pulmonary specialist. However, for children and adults with chronic lung conditions, finding an experienced pulmonologist that you can trust is essential to ensuring your lungs function well throughout your life. At Allergy Asthma Sleep Center, our dedicated pediatric pulmonologists can offer exceptional insight and care for your child when they struggle to breathe.

What Does a Pediatric Pulmonologist do?

Pediatric pulmonology can address a wide range of symptoms and conditions including chronic coughs, asthma and allergies, apnea, noisy breathing, recurring pneumonia and persistent respiratory infections, chronic lung disease, and even cystic fibrosis. A pulmonologist has been expertly trained to understand the total health and function of the lungs and respiratory tract. If your child has difficulty breathing, a pediatric pulmonologist can provide insight necessary to asses their lung function and provide treatment options that can improve their respiratory health.

When Should I Bring my Child to a Pediatric Pulmonary Specialist?

There are many reasons that your child may require the care of an experienced pediatric pulmonologist. If your child makes strange noises when they breathe, suffers with chronic nasal congestion, displays muscular weakness in addition to frequent cough, has frequently labored breathing, pauses breathing while either sleeping or awake, has a history of croup, snores loudly and sleeps badly, or has had pneumonia, an evaluation by a pediatric pulmonary specialist could help determine the exact respiratory condition that may be causing their symptoms. Children have unique medical needs, and our experienced pediatric lung specialists can provide the exceptional care your child needs while remaining sensitive to the ways that children communicate their distress or discomfort. Pediatric pulmonologists understand how to successfully examine a growing child’s body without causing unnecessary stress or fear. At Allergy Asthma Sleep Center, we have created our practice to support the comfort and safety of the children we treat.

My Child Often has Respiratory Infections. Is This Normal, or Should I be Concerned?

Unfortunately, respiratory infections are a normal part of growing up. For school-age children or those participating in a daycare program, having up to 6 respiratory infections during the course of a year is relatively normal. Common symptoms include coughing, fever, runny nose, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat. However, you should seek advice from a doctor if you notice that your child is coughing hard enough to vomit, wheezing, breathing faster than normal, or if their behavior changes. Because many of the symptoms of different respiratory infections overlap, it can make it difficult for your pediatrician to provide an exact diagnosis. A pulmonary specialist has a more advanced grasp of the differences between croup and a normal cough or bronchiolitis and the common cold. When it comes to your child’s health, you want to ensure they see a doctor with the expertise required to offer fast and effective diagnosis and treatment.

If your child struggles to catch their breath while playing with friends, or has suffered with recurring cough or respiratory infections, contact Asthma Allergy Sleep Center of Excellence in New York City today to schedule an appointment with an experienced pediatric pulmonary specialist. Your child deserves the best care and we can provide the diagnostic and treatment services they need to live a long and healthy life.

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