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Pediatric Allergy Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

Allergies Affect Many Children Worldwide. Our Experienced Doctor Can Accurately Diagnose and Treat Your Child’s Allergy. Visit Asthma Allergy Sleep Center of Excellence. We are Conveniently Located at 2833 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11235. Call (929) 298-2202 to Book an Appointment.

Pediatric Allergy Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

Allergies are well known to adults as the cause of many a miserable day during allergy season. For children, allergies can range from mild to severe and diagnosing specific allergens can make a big difference in their health now and in the future. At Allergy Asthma Sleep Center, our pediatric allergy specialists can provide the exceptional allergy treatments your child needs to manage their symptoms and enjoy every day of the year to the fullest.

What Causes my Child’s Allergies?

Your child experiences an allergic reaction when their immune system mistakes a benign substance as being harmful and attacks it. Allergens can be almost anything, ranging from dust or pet dander to lactose or bee venom. Your child’s allergies may be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how aggressively their body attacks the allergen. Unfortunately, allergies can develop at any time, meaning your child could be best friends with your family dog one day only to suffer from uncomfortable allergy symptoms the next. At Allergy Asthma Sleep Center, we can provide ongoing support and treatment that will help manage your child’s allergy symptoms, so they can enjoy playtime with their favorite pet and friends from school every day.

Will my Child Outgrow Their Food Allergy?

There is no guarantee that your child will grow out of their food allergy. It is possible that your child’s body may adjust as they age and they will notice a decrease in or cessation of their allergy symptoms. However, it is important to always treat food allergies as a serious concern. For children suffering with allergies to gluten, dairy, tree nuts, or other foods, meal time at school or going out to eat with friends can be difficult. Our pediatric allergy specialists can help you and your child understand how to read ingredient lists and menus in order to ensure they do not come in contact with the foods they are allergic to. Our goal is to provide your family with the tools necessary to enjoy mealtime without stress while avoiding potentially harmful foods.

Can You Cure my Child’s Allergic Reactions?

Mild to moderate allergies can often be managed easily with medications designed to target the body’s immune response that causes them. Anti-histamines and nasal sprays can offer exceptional relief for children with common allergies to pollen, dust, and even pet dander. Allergy shots or drops may also be used to help strengthen your child’s immune system, so they react less or not at all to certain substances. However, immunotherapy treatments require a lengthy commitment and are not guaranteed to stop the allergic reaction(s) altogether. Your child’s pediatric allergist will discuss your treatment options with you, so you can make the best choice for your child’s well-being now as well as later in life. We know every child’s needs will be different and promise to work with you as a parent to design a personalized treatment plan that truly works.

If you suspect your child may be experiencing allergies, contact Asthma Allergy Sleep Center of Excellence in Brooklyn to schedule an appointment with a pediatric allergy specialist. We can provide you with the information and insight you need to help your child avoid allergens and treat their allergy symptoms, so they can enjoy their favorite foods and activities. Call (929) 298-2202 to make an appointment today.