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Pediatric Allergy Doctor in Astoria, NY

Dr. Mayan Shukla is an Experienced Pediatric Allergy Doctor Able to Assist Your Child’s Allergy Problems. Allergy Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence is Located Near the Steinway Street Transit Stop (E, G, M, R). 32-72 Steinway Street Lower Level B1 Astoria, NY 11103. For an Appointment Call: (917) 924-8759.

Pediatric Allergy Doctor in Astoria, NY

Allergies are a common problem faced by millions of children every day. Whether allergic to seasonal pollen, food, or other substances, people who suffer with allergies can have trouble navigating their daily life without complications from their allergy symptoms. At Allergy Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence, our experienced pediatric allergy doctors can provide specialized attention and care for your child’s allergy symptoms, helping you as a parent provide them with the treatment they need to live a happy and healthy life now and in the future.

What are Allergies?

Allergies is a catch-all term for the set of reactions that can occur within the human body when its immune system perceives an outside substance as harmful, causing an overreaction. The substance that triggers this response in the body is referred to as an allergen. An allergic reaction takes place when a person’s body create an antibody called immunoglobulin E, sometimes shortened to IgE, to attack allergens, which would otherwise be benign and of no harm to the body. Allergy symptoms can range widely from watery eyes and a runny nose to swelling in the mouth or trouble breathing. Depending on the severity of a person’s allergic reaction, there are different methods and medications available for managing symptoms and exposure.

How Do You Test for Allergies?

Allergy testing is the third step in the diagnostic process. Before testing begins, your doctor should ask you a wide range of questions regarding your child’s medical history as well as the frequency, variety, and severity of their allergy symptoms. They should then perform a physical exam before using allergy testing to determine the exact cause(s) of your child’s allergies. The most common allergy testing method is called the skin prick test. This can confirm a wide range of common allergies in many people. Your pediatric allergy doctor will place a small amount of a suspected allergen onto your child’s skin, then gently prick the skin’s surface to introduce the allergen into it. After waiting approximately 15 minutes, any reactions will be noted and scaled to indicate the severity of your child’s allergy to each substance being tested. Intradermal skin tests are very similar; however, a small amount of an allergen is injected directly into the outer layer of your child’s skin. Patch tests can help determine which allergens cause contact dermatitis and blood testing can also provide information regarding specific allergens if your child’s skin is too delicate for skin testing or is otherwise compromised.

What Allergy Treatments are Available?

Allergy treatments for children can range from simple over-the-counter medications to long-term immune strengthening protocols. Many people who suffer from only mild allergies, especially those that are seasonal and do not have a broad negative impact on their ability to perform daily tasks, choose to manage their symptoms with allergy medicines that can be taken orally. Some people also find that nasal allergy sprays can be very effective. Avoidance of certain allergens, especially those found in specific foods, may be the best way for some children to avoid potentially life-threatening reactions. For patients who run the risk of anaphylaxis, avoidance is sometimes the only way to ensure their health and safety. Allergy shots and allergy drops are a method by which some patients can strengthen their immune system in order to build up a tolerance to certain allergens, allowing them to encounter these substances in the future without developing uncomfortable symptoms.

If you suspect your child may be allergic and want to speak with a certified and knowledgeable pediatric allergy doctor, contact Allergy Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence in Astoria, NY today to schedule your child’s first appointment.