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Insomnia Sleep Specialists Manhattan, Astoria & Brooklyn, NYC - Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence

When you have trouble falling asleep, you may think it is an isolated occurrence and nothing to worry about. However, for millions of people every night, insomnia makes it difficult or even impossible for them to fall asleep. If you find yourself consistently struggling to fall asleep and are worried about the impact it is having on your daily life, it is time to visit a certified insomnia sleep specialist. At Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence, our board-certified doctor and sleep specialists can help you understand your insomnia and provide proven treatments that will help you overcome your sleep disorder to achieve the deep, high-quality sleep you need to be your best self each morning.

Insomnia has long been misunderstood by doctors. For many patients who experience insomnia and who reach out to their primary care physician, prescription sleep aids are often the first treatment option. However, for patients with insomnia, there may be better ways to understand the underlying condition and provide you with true relief from your symptoms and a healthier brain that can help you achieve the sleep you need naturally. If you are suffering from insomnia, rather than reaching for a sleep medication, consider making an appointment with one of Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence’ expert sleep specialists. Our Dr. Mayank Shukla and his team of experienced sleep doctors understand the causes of insomnia better and can provide you with treatments that are designed to have a deeply positive impact on your sleep and your life.

For many patients suffering from insomnia, the answer may lie within the brain itself. Cortical hyperarousal refers to a state of increased awareness and state of responsiveness of the outer part of the brain’s cerebrum. As sleep specialists have learned more about insomnia and its causes, it has become clear that cortical hyperarousal can be an important factor for adolescents and adults who do not sleep well. Using information about metabolism, cardiovascular health, emotional concerns, and the immune systems, doctors have found that insomnia is a disorder related to round-the-clock hyperarousal. This increased awareness and activity can make it difficult to patients to fall asleep and impossible for them to enjoy a normal sleep rhythm.

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders and its presentation has been associated with an increased risk of heart problems and psychiatric distress. Because of this, it is especially important for patients with insomnia to find a qualified sleep specialist who can help them identify the causes of their sleep disorder, so they can achieve better sleep on a consistent basis. Your body cannot function at its optimum level if it is not given the time it needs to rejuvenate itself each night. Medications can be helpful for occasional restlessness, but they do not provide a true foundation for long-lasting and sustainable insomnia treatment and recovery.

If you or a loved one struggles to fall asleep each night and is suffering from the negative implications of lack of sleep, contact Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence today. Our certified insomnia specialists can help you understand the causes of your insomnia and build a treatment plan that is designed to help your body achieve better sleep now and in the future. You deserve to wake each morning feeling rested and refreshed, so you can tackle your to-do list and live your life to the fullest. If you live in the NYC area, contact one of our 3 convenient sleep centers today to schedule an appointment and take control of your insomnia.