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Food Allergy Testing in Manhattan NYC

Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence Provides Food Allergy Testing for Children and Adults. Book an Appointment Online or Call Us at (917) 924-8759.

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Food Allergy Testing in Manhattan NYC

Food allergies can make every meal a challenge. If you think that you or your child may have a food allergy, the experienced doctors at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence can help you identify the substances that are causing your symptoms. We understand the importance of making food allergy testing accessible for families in the NYC Manhattan area, so they can arm themselves with the information and education necessary to protect themselves from potentially dangerous allergy complications.

Should I do anything to prepare for my food allergy test?

There is no specific preparation you need to do in order to have food allergy tests conducted at Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence. However, there is some information you can bring with you to help your doctor discuss your symptoms and treatment options with you. Whether you are seeking testing for you or your child, taking note of specific symptoms and when they occurred can help your provider understand how severe the reactions might be. It is also useful to detail which foods were eaten when a reaction occurred, how much of that food was consumed, and whether the reaction has happened more than once. If you received any medical treatment as a result of your reaction, that is also important for your doctor to know. You should also tell your doctor if you have noticed a reaction with one specific food, or if reactions have been present after different items have been consumed.

What types of food allergy tests will be performed?

The most common method of allergy testing for a wide variety of substances is a skin test. During skin prick or skin scratch testing, very small amounts of certain substances are delivered into the upper layer of the skin so your doctor can document any potential reaction. This helps to not only pinpoint which substances are causing a reaction, but the severity of the allergy. Blood allergy testing may also be conducted to confirm the presence of specific antibodies that will indicate food allergies. Lastly, your doctor may suggest an elimination diet or supervised oral challenge test. The elimination diet will require you to eliminate the most common allergy-inducing food items before slowly reintroducing them one at a time to discover which are to blame for your symptoms. An oral challenge test will require the ingestion of very small amount of a suspected allergen, so your doctor can observe the reaction.

Is food sensitivity the same as an allergy?

Food sensitivities are fundamentally different from food allergies. Food allergies are caused by an intense immune response within the body that can negatively impact the function of organs. Severe allergies can induce a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Food sensitivities are typically much less severe, resulting in mild gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea or nausea. Some of the most common sensitivities include lactose, gluten, and the food additive MSG. An elimination diet may also be used to determine any food sensitivities you may be suffering from, so you can avoid these products in the future if necessary. Allergy testing should only be conducted under the supervision of an experienced doctor to avoid any potentially life-threatening complications from a reaction.

If you are interested in undergoing food allergy testing in the Manhattan area, contact Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence today. We provide comprehensive testing for food allergies, as well as other types of allergies, so you can ensure you and your child can stay healthy.