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Allergy Testing in NYC, Brooklyn and Astoria NY

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Allergy Testing NYC, Brooklyn and Astoria NY

Understanding your body is the first step toward supporting your health in the long-term. At Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence, we provide comprehensive allergy testing at 3 convenient locations in the New York City area. We can offer you important insight into the substances your body is sensitive to, so you can protect it in your daily life. Our allergy testing is an essential part of what we do, and a crucial first step when deciding on an allergy treatment and management plan.

What types of allergy testing are available?

The most common and popular allergy testing method is a skin prick test. This method is also sometimes called a scratch test or puncture test. This method of testing is convenient because it allows your doctor to test for dozens of different allergens at once and provides immediate results detailing which substances you are allergic to and the severity of your allergy. Skin tests may not be best for patients who take certain medications or who have certain skin conditions. Blood analysis can also provide information regarding the exact substances you are allergic to by screening your blood for specific antibodies your body creates when it comes in contact with allergens. Oral food challenges can provide information about which foods you or your child are allergic to and should only be conducted by an experienced doctor to minimize the chance of a severe allergic reaction. If you suffer from allergy-induced asthma, spirometry tests which asses your lungs’ function can provide insight into the strength and capacity of your lungs. You may choose to undergo several kinds of testing in order to determine the exact allergens your body is sensitive to and to better understand how to move forward with a targeted treatment plan.

What kinds of treatments are available for allergies?

Your treatment plan will depend on the type of allergies you have and how severe they are. Patients with minor allergic reactions to environmental factors like pollen, dust, and pet dander may choose to simply manage their symptoms through the use of over the counter or prescription medication. If you have allergy-induced asthma, a prescription inhaler may be useful. Patients with food allergies may choose to simply avoid certain foods entirely, therefore eliminating the chance of an allergic reaction. Patients who have life-threatening allergies, including those to certain food items or insect stings, may choose to undergo a customized immunotherapy treatment course that will effectively improve their body’s immune response to certain allergens. Immunotherapy, most often administered as allergy shots, will slowly build your immune tolerance to specific substances by introducing very small amounts into your body via injection. Sometimes, oral immunotherapy treatments are available in the form of allergy drops placed under the tongue. You should never attempt immunotherapy without the supervision of an experienced physician, as there is a chance of complication and/or severe allergic reaction, depending on your body’s response to the allergens it is introduced to.

If you are looking for allergy testing near you in NYC, contact Allergy & Asthma Sleep Center of Excellence. We provide important allergy testing services for environmental allergens and food allergies, so you can be well-informed and decide on a treatment plan that will be effective for your body’s specific needs. We operate at 3 convenient locations in New York City, Astoria, and Brooklyn, so you can find allergy testing near you.